Ecological refrigerant R32 – why should air conditioning be ecological?

The operation of air conditioning devices is based primarily on the use of a refrigerant that allows heat exchange. At the same time, however, the standards introduced by the European Union indicate the need to use only those substances that are environmentally friendly. For what reasons is it related and what is worth knowing about refrigerants?

How does the refrigerant work?


When talking about heat transfer, first of all you should clarify what a refrigerant is. It is a substance that serves effective heat transfer. This means that, depending on the conditions, it can take it from the environment or give it back to it.

A refrigerant is a liquefied gas that boils at low pressure and temperature, which means it takes energy and changes from a liquid to a gas phase. On the other hand, at high temperature and high pressure, it releases energy and condenses. This alternating process allows the cooling of the air that flows through the air conditioner and is released into the room when the temperature is lowered. As a result, the entire space becomes cooler over time.

Phase-out of greenhouse gases

Global warming is a topic that has arisen constantly for many years. Among other things, it is caused by the rapid and unusually high emissions of greenhouse gases, including fluorinated gases (freons). Even twenty years ago, they were the dominant group of refrigerants and were commonly used, among others, in home refrigerators.

Currently, for ecological reasons, greenhouse gases are systematically phased out of use, and their place in cooling devices is taken by other substances that are to be more environmentally friendly.

According to the latest regulations, the refrigerant R410A, used so far in air conditioners, is also included on the banned list. For this reason, another factor should take its place in the latest generation devices: R32.

R32 – why should it be better?


The R32 refrigerant is a liquefied gas that appears in the latest generation devices. It has a number of advantages that make it more willingly used than its predecessor, R410A.

Less greenhouse effect

When it comes to ecological aspects of refrigerant gases, R32 beats its predecessor. The greenhouse effect observed in its case is almost 3 times lower than in the case of R410A. This means that its impact on the environment is much smaller.

Cheaper and more efficient

From the point of view of users and manufacturers, an equally great advantage is the possibility of using less than its predecessor. The price of the R32 refrigerant is lower by about 20%, which significantly translates into a reduction in the cost of air conditioning production: both due to the price of the refrigerant itself and its smaller volume necessary to fill it.

R32 also has a high heat transfer efficiency. As a result, the air conditioning performance increases by about 15% compared to older models. Modern devices can also be smaller, and gas replacement or refilling is easier and cheaper.

Green air conditioning – better air conditioning

The influence of man on the natural environment is undeniable. It is therefore extremely important to ensure that any negative effects it may cause are minimized. This goal may be achieved, inter alia, through measures taken to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

For this reason, it is important to use the latest technologies, including – above all – modern solutions in the field of air conditioning and refrigeration. One of them is the use of the described R32 refrigerant, which in addition to environmental values ​​is also more economical and efficient.

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